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Tuesday, 26 February 2019


Nothing can match the Uniqueness of best ipad accessories

Ipad works as a mini computing gadget which serves the purpose for those looking for a big screen with optimal mobile usage. It serves both the purpose brilliantly with the brand Apple magnificent in its own form. Getting into the accessories for ipad which are also unique in itself as it perfectly suits the user requirement to handle the device in his or her daily life.

Collect some most Useful Accessories for ipad

Versatile Accessories for ipad

With ipad, you can get some versatile best ipad accessories which are available both on online stores and offline general electronic shops. For instance, you can buy USB port which serves the purpose of with adapter charging and other connectivity issues. There is a multipurpose USB device which has a powerbank facility.

Make you're mobile equipped with robust best ipad accessories

There are some other accessories which can support your ipad body from every angle and orientation. There are ample covers features like soft silicon base and magnetic cover clutch button. Some covers have a rotating base with built-in stand position feature. It makes easy working with ipad either you are watching a movie on it or just doing work of your office.

Ipad Camera Accessories for photography lovers

All you need to know if you love taking photographs anywhere around you is that ipad camera accessories will help you to collect delightful photos. With these portable ipad camera accessories, you can work on your photography skills and consequently upgrade it to the next level. One such portable gadget is adjustable gooseneck mount through which you can modify the location and bend it easily at any angle.

Start realising the optimal benefits of ipad by using some high-end portable accessories for ipad which can actually make a difference from your earlier mobile user experience. 
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Wednesday, 20 February 2019


Gather Apple's Best iphone accessories

There is no doubt that Apple's brand mobiles are most recognisable for its quality as well as looks. But for instance after getting the same, what matters the most is how you take care of this precious mobile device. The shopping websites and nearby stores are flooded with magnificent accessories for iphone and specifically if you have iphone se, then you may have the edge as iphone se accessories are more abundant.

Unmatchable multipurpose accessories for iphone mobile

Iphone se accessories

Make your compact device a little more expressive and impressive with some best iphone accessories for se model.

Flip card accessories are one such which gives protection to your mobile along with a transparent front look to keep intact the original way of using the mobile.

Other best compatible accessories for iphone se are external battery power case. It saves your outdoor activities fun by providing boosts to your mobile instantly. It also increases your device’s overall performance capacity. These cases are available in different colours and formats to make you choose the best one among all. It solves tow purpose; first, it acts as an extended power backup and next it covers the whole iphone body and performs the function of a protective cover.
The USB charger is the preferable iphone car accessories which can let you experience the best in car pleasure. Specifically, the USB charger for iPhone has a unique feature with multipurpose usage. There are two adaptors in it one for the home use and other particular for the car utilisation. You will get 3 feel length lightning cable along with it. The power pack USB has a robust design with high data transfer speed.

These best iphone accessories are famous to satisfy all your gadget needs in a holistic way.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2019


Replace your iphone broken parts with new one

Iphone 6s is one of the most famous iphone models which stole million hearts worldwide and still comes in place for its hi9gh compatibility and handling benefits. Taking about the repair and replacement of some broken parts either external like screen, body or internal like mainboard, battery and chips replacement can be done through Esource Parts where all the necessary components like iphone 6 Screen replacement is available to get back your admirable iphone in your hand in working condition.

Evaluating your iphone is a task

It is always better to check your mobile from any of the ill ambiguous features to get it under control in a timely manner. Otherwise, you may end up in damaging your iphone which will be then difficult to reinvent. Some parts like your screen need extra care while handling, otherwise, it must get iphone6 replacement screen .

Regular Maintenance will give fruitful results

Going for regular service and maintenance is much apt to get to know about the current condition of your iphone 6. You can get an instant view about what's wrong with your gadget. Considering the quality and brand of your mobile, it is advisable to take hardware and software check, and you can further go for iphone 6 parts replacement.

Replacement parts available on with Esource are diverse. In case you got stuck with your damaged device, you can choose a better quality part for your iphone6 as per the requirement. The parts which you can take are volume silent lock, LCD backplate for iphone6, LCD screen along with digitizer and frame iphone 6 replacement parts, Antenna flex and wifi cable.
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Friday, 25 January 2019


iPhone 7 Plus Accessories to Flaunt Your Mobile

No other brand can match the popularity and fame of Apple which has launched its one of the most iconic mobile that is iPhone 7 plus. Getting a new apple model also comes up with particular care to make it safe and worth experiencing. Therefore, it is more important to while purchasing the brand Apple phone to get iPhone 7 plus accessories which not only improves the security of your mobile but also enhances the outer beauty and looks.

Get the Most Majestic and Suitable Accessories for iphone 7  

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Wednesday, 9 January 2019


All in one place for Iphone 6s parts replacement

When it comes to iphone 6s, it is the most widely purchasable iphone which is liked by the maximum number of iphone lovers. Also, it is known fact that quality of material comes with critical care. But suddenly, if your phone has broken, taking the spare parts and repair service from Esource Parts is the right decision. You can get your required part by placing the order online.

Iphone 6s Screen Replacement Part

Get a new look to your iphone by replacing the damaged screen with crystal clear and durable iphone 6s. Iphone 6s replacement screen includes the LCD screen, digitizer assembly which comes with frame replacement. You can save your mobile from further damage by getting it to replace with the robust screen. The Apple quality product is adequate to buy if you have faced any issues with the display or irregular screen colors compatibility or any breakage at the edges or screen.

Other parts availability

You can also get various other iphone 6s parts to suffice your replacement requirement along with iphone 6s screen replacement. For instance set of silver screws to joint the unattached parts, iphone 6s camera connector replacement 36 pins, iphone 6s magnetic screw mat, audio amplifier replacement chip, management and frequency control chip, Apple iphone 6s LCD black Plate with heat shield feature, 6s loudspeaker bracket, 6s rear-facing camera part. Main board storage box is available to settle down the internal motherboard in it.
The benefit is that you can get the new iphone 6s back to work for you by replacing it with the durable iphone 6s parts. Overall, it would be a great deal to stay connected with a deep love feeling for your mobile.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018


Some of the best Apple iPhone 6s parts.

Apple does have a great brand value, hence there are various companies that produce different accessories and Apple iPhone 6s parts for apple iPhone 6s users. If you own the masterpiece by Apple, you will be amaze ball to know about these accessories.

The best iPhone accessories according to iPhone 6s repair parts sellers

1. Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

As most of the Apple devices consume battery and doesn’t show any trait of an awesome power backup. Apple 12W USB Power Adapter is an official release of Apple that lets you charge your iPhone 6s in record time. There was a time when it was an assumption that Apple 6 series won’t support speedy charging but it does with the help of this adapter. This adapter speeds up the charging process and enables fast charging for your iPhone 6s externally.

2. Mad Catz C.T.R.L.I – the best Apple iPhone 6s Parts

An external accessory which can really improve your gaming experience on your Apple iPhone 6s. One needs to fix the iPhone up in the remote like device, giving feels of a real play station. The gaming pad can extend your happy fever of gaming and can level you up in your favorite games. It is very easy and comfortable to hold just like a wireless remote of a gameboy. The awesome build in stand gives you another out of the world experience where you land up to any level of PubG. There is only one disadvantage of getting this product that it comes in only black color.

3. Aircharge Wireless Charging Case

One doesn’t need to spend extra pounds on worthless phone covers or other channel covers. Aircharge Wireless Charging Case is a multi-tasking phone case that is funky and very useful at the same time. It provides superb protection to the device plus adds a wireless charging support to your device. It is not that much costly for one time investment. Flaunt your device with this cool accessory available at an affordable cost.

Overall, not only these accessories, other iPhone 6s repair parts are also available in case needed for the Apple iPhone 6s
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Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Apple iPhone 6 plus parts sellers tell us why it aces over other iPhone?

Launched in September 2014, iPhone 6 plus improvised over all the previous launches. The phone was one of the most reoriented versions of all other Apple devices. Not just the larger screen but it went over many internal changes which fetched consumer appreciation. It is not just that Apple iPhone 6 plus parts are easily available, the phone is still in demand and the current users deny selling it for multiple reasons:

iPhone 6 plus Screen Replacement technicians tell us why iPhone 6 Plus is the best

Remarkable Battery Backup

Unlike other iPhone devices, iPhone 6 plus has got a remarkable battery backup. The customer reviews suggest that one doesn't a power bank if he/she owns iPhone 6 plus. An ex version of this phone, iPhone 6 has got 1810 mAh battery. Even the newer version iPhone 7 has got 1960 mAh battery which gets drained off easily. IPhone 6 plus has a great battery backup with 2915 mAh battery capacity.

6 Sensor Technology 

Heard about 6th sense? Apple iPhone 6 plus has got 6 sensors that adds up to the technology connectivity. Compass/ Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope and Barometer are contained in an Apple iPhone 6 plus.

Great Pixels         

The earlier iPhone have not gone through this unexpected screen size change. Apple 6 and 6s have 750 x 1334 pixels, whereas IPhone 6 plus has 1080 x 1920 pixels with 401 pixels per inch(PPI) which lets you watch videos and your favorite movies in 1080  pixels.

Large Screen Display 

Invention of iPhone 6 plus took over all the competitors complaining about Apple’s screen screen size. It was a debut release for Apple to come up with such big display. With making the user experience better, Apple iPhone 6 plus offered better display to its users. Apple iPhone 6 plus came up with great gaming and visual experience keeping its users glued to the screen.
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Sunday, 7 October 2018


Advanced iPhone7 plus Replacement Parts You Can Get

Headquartered in California, the grand electronic giant entered the market with the iPhone in 2007. With flourishing years, the iPhone with its epic models has driven people crazy more than its need. Now, look at iPhone 7 plus! With 5.50-inch touch-screen display and resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels, Apple iPhone 7 is powered by quad-core processor.

It also has the ease of being repaired and replaced. From LCD screen with touchpad module to housing panel with side key button, get brand packing accessories without hassles. In case, you need its replacement parts, you just need to switch online and get them easily. Visit renowned websites and get iPhone 7 plus replacement parts easily.

Here, what you can get-         
      1.      LCD Display Glass Lens: With ear mesh and camera holder included, you can buy the LCD and touch screen part reasonably. Your model number is decided and the colour is of your choice, give it a professional fitting.

      2.      Digitizer and Camera: While you get the replacement, it provides durable performance and high sensitivity. The positive fact of this part of iPhone 7 plus is easy installation and practical applicability.

      3.      Screen + Home Button: iPhone is all touch with a thumb button. Every consumer expects it to be 100% fully tested before dispatch with an ultra-high contrast ratio. Budget-saving parts for your iPhone are hassle-free to fit in your model replacing the older one.

     4.      Battery Adhesive Strips: The iPhone 7 plus battery adhesive strips are organized to install a battery replacement. This replacement part ensures your battery is secured to iPhone rear case. You can complete the repair with the help of tools if required.

     5.      Earpiece Speaker: The replacement part earpiece speaker holds double duty. With the best quality, the speaker offers iPhone 7+ a stereo sound and serves as a loudspeaker.
     6.      Front Camera and Sensor Plastic Holders: When your iPhone 7 Plus is a need of digital assemble, refer a guide for the front-facing camera and the ambient light sensor over the openings in the front glass panel.

     7.      Power Management IC: The integrated circuits discrete power conversions semiconductors that lead to energy-saving. This solution helps to reduce the design cycle and allows you to stimulate the optimal configuration for the power management.

Generally, iPhone 7 plus Screen Replacement has to happen when seeking its repair. Simple is to go with replacement parts for a money-saving solution.
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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Layman’s Guide to Replace iPhone7 Screen

All the Apple screens are beautiful to be sure. But, you never know when that glass break if dropped smashed or chipped against hard surfaces and beauty is gone. The guidance to the replacement of screen is available online. You just need to pick your model. In this article, you’ll come to know about the hassle-free iphone 7 replacement screen.
Just follow these 9 steps 

1. Purchase a Screen Protector: Screens are easily available online. Buy the screen if the old screen is completely shattered. Replacement of screen will maintain water-resistance.

2. Fix an Appointment with Esourceparts Store: The technology of iPhone 7 is complicated. It won’t be easily understood. Therefore, call for the professional help. Moreover, it would be budget-saving if you go with Esourceparts Store.

3. Replace the Screen Yourself: Keep these two sub-steps in mind-
·   Press the power button and while holding it press the volume down button located on the      left side of your phone.
Keep a hold on both the buttons until an Apple logo is visible on the screen.

4. Take out the Tools and Parts: With the help of magnetic mat and screw capsules, every part of the model will be organized well. All you need is spudger, iPhone7 LCD assembly, head screwdriver, screwdriver, metal spudger, heat gun, and tri-point screwdriver.

5. Switch off Your iPhone and Heat it Up: Initiate the process by heating interior’s adhesive strips with a heat gun or dehydrator. Give a heat at low flame with care.

6. Open the iPhone: At the bottom edge of the phone, remove two screws. From lightening port, use the metal spudger and slowly separate the screen from the phone. The device will open like a book. Don’t separate the screen from the fourth side.

7. Detach the Cables: Remove silver EMI shield located at the mid-right side of the phone. Use a spudger to disconnect the battery from the logic board. Then, easily dispatch the display connector flex cable. Now, you are left with separating the panel sensor connector cable that connects a screen to the iPhone’s body.

8. Disconnect Earpiece and Front Camera: After removing the five head screws from the top of the LCD assembly, pull the camera up and out. Along with it, remove the earpiece speaker. Similarly, remove the home screen and touch ID.

9. Insert the Screen: From the home button, insert the new screen.
Now re-install the parts and vigilantly follow the instructions for proper maintenance. Also, other iphone 7 repair parts are also available.
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Tuesday, 17 July 2018


Must-Know Things to Ponder before Opting for iPhone Repair

Who doesn’t want to experience iPhone's craze? The one who owned it never wants to lose it. But, situations are not same every time. You might not aware of the next step and your dream gadget iPhone get slipped from your hand. What's next? Either the screen can be broken or the battery has gone. Sometimes, both can be affected.

You might have experienced such situation or wanted to aware yourself for the next time, so, you have reached for finding the vital solutions that won't damage your phone at any cost. So, before proceeding further, know about the warranty first.

Most of you know that warranty is only defined to safeguard users against defective products. No company tends to fix your phone, so why do Apple. Obviously, the companies have sold you the product and now its protection is in your hands. Well, as discussed, you never know when your phone gets slipped from hands or water spilt on it, you really don't have any idea for what to do in such circumstances.

Therefore, online has remained the king to beat most of the problems. iPhone is a well-reputed brand that successfully offers effective solutions to consumers. So, you need to consider few things while proceeding for Apple iPhone repair if damaged.

Here you go-

Professional Help: iPhone needs the support of professional hands to repair. For instance, the availability for iPhone 8 Plus A1897 is of four parts: USB power adapter, glass screen protector, replacement battery, and digitizer. If your phone is in need of any of these, then you can quickly buy it online, and if not, contact for the help.

Ask Yourself: Is your phone protected by warranty? Apple provides the one-year warranty, but a broken display screen is not included. Thus, you have the option of signing up online and get it repaired.

Apple Care Protection Plan: This is the smartness. But, it doesn't work for cracked iPhone glass, unfortunately. So, before buying this plan, learn all about its policies and plans.

Third Party Suppliers: There are reliable third parties who aim to repair the cracked and damaged iPhone and return it as new. Online platforms have the accessibility to provide reputable third party organizations, you can trust upon.

Experts: This is important. You can take help from experts for knowing what exactly the problem is with your phone.

All in all, be smart enough by opting  mobile phone repair options for excellent results.
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Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Travel with the Best iPad Accessories Online!

Renowned for its untouched landscape and multicultural heritage, Canada is clinched to its technologies through which, people capture their iconic angles. And why not! To exist in today's scenario, you need to go smart.

Without any doubt, technology is applied everywhere even in that smart device, you don't want to live without. Welcome to the mobile world! This is the world where everyone has handsets of different competitive brands but is using almost for the same purposes. For instance, you remember your friend's phone as HTC owner or Blackberry device, and when it comes to Apple buyer, you tend to know more.

Well, the craze is on! Whether Blackberry or Apple, they aim to fulfill your requirements to the fullest. Thus, Apple in Canada has boosted itself with more accessories to let them inhabit utilizing same brand products with a unique experience. Consider it as Apple or iPad; you know what brand it is. But, often chase for knowing more about it.

Therefore, let yourself go smart with Apple iPad accessories in Canada that are valuable for you to buy. Have a look-

  ·  Apple Pencil: This is the something amazing you come to know about. Apple pencil features the power of iPad Pro and iPad (6th generation) for you to explore new opportunities. It is a comfort tool to access your smart device. 

  ·  AirPods: Yes, the smart companion you can't imagine your travelling without! It will make your experience the new way of using headphones. With an automatic instant, the AirPods after disconnecting from the charge are connected to your iPhone or iPad.

   ·   Smart Keyboard: Go easy man! If you don't want to use iPad more on hands, switch to keyboard. The smart keyboard for 10.5-inch iPad Pro-Arabic is all set to make you go smart. Easy to connect, this accessory is portable and when you are done with your work, the keyboard gets fold to form a light wear cover.

·  Native Union Eclipse Charger: Three in one, charges all at a time! Connect three models simultaneously and get the recharged devices in one go. It provides a comfort level to an integrated cable management system.

  · iPad Cover: Go smooth with classy Leather Sleeve 10.5 inch iPad Pro of any color that you want your device to cover with. Hit it at best prices!

Not only Canadians but also for Toronto, iPad accessories are available in vast to them. So, hurry up! Go and capture the best choices online.
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Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Galaxy A6 – Samsung’s next budget phone

After all the expensive releases last year, Samsung has again started working in its budget range. No doubt, a budget phone is always a hit in the market. Here we are talking about the Galaxy A6 that looks just like the Samsung S9. The phone is said to come under the slot of Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8 Plus. It is expected to come with a number of exciting features and buying it, won’t even put a hole in your pocket.


As for the performance of the phone is concerned, it runs on a 7870 CPU The memory is 3GB of RAM, but nothing is known about the extended memory. Just like any other Samsung phones, it will also come in two versions Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6+. So, for the second version, it will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 CPU with 4GB RAM. Just like the A6, even its extended memory is unknown.


An internal training video has surfaced claiming the soon to be the release of Galaxy A6. If the rumors are to be believed, the smartphone is going to sport 5.6-inch edge to edge Infinity Display. Just like the S9, it also has the Infinity Display topped with a center mounted rear-facing camera. Below it is a fingerprint reader too.  As far the looks are concerned, both the phones look just the same as Galaxy S9 claims the Samsung phone screen repair providers.


For the camera users too, it’s not a bad deal as the phone comes with the amazing 16MP front-facing shooter equipped with LED flash and a rear-facing camera. Given that the phone has a good memory, the high pixel images can be uploaded easily.
According to the Samsung repair Mississauga providers, even the battery performance is going to be good. Considering it is a budget phone, the features are quite healthy.

Samsung usually releases its training video just before the launch, so we can expect the release anytime soon. No wonder it is going to be a great phone in the affordable range. For now, we can just wait for this new release of Samsung to hit the market.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Samsung smartphone for students to avoid exam distractions

It’s hard to keep students away from their cell phones these days. No matter what, they always find an excuse to get a hand on their phone. The frequent use of smartphone not only distracts a person from their real goal, but also leads to loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

To solve this problem, South Korea’s tech giant Samsung has come with a mobile phone, which is made exclusively for students. If you want your kid to perform better in studies, it’s time to support this launch of Samsung.


Samsung is planning to launch J2 Pro, which is going to be a simple and basic version of the Galaxy range. The J2 Pro was launched in the January this year, with a 5-inch touch screen display. The touch screen display comes with the resolution of 540 pixels by 960 pixels, which is quite decent according to the Samsung Galaxy Repair.


As for the processor, it is a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor. The phone is equipped with 1.5 GB RAM with 16 GB of internal storage that can also be expanded up to 256GB via the microSD card. The phone runs on Android 7.0 and is also powered by the 2600mAh of non-removable battery.


The Galaxy J2 Pro also has a decent camera to keep up with your school’s routine demands. It comes with 8-megapixel primary and 5-megapixel front camera.
Its newer version has been launched at the price of $185. The most interesting part of this release is its promotional part, which allows the students to exchange their phone with a newer model, when the exams finishes.

No 3G and 4G connection

The phone doesn’t come with any 3G and 4G connection to keep the kids away from the internet at unnecessary times. However, it can be connected via Wi-Fi. So, you can fix a time for your kid’s internet uses back at home.
This phone is also considered good for old age people who want to avoid the unwanted notifications. They can use it for its normal features like camera and little web surfing says the Samsung phone screen repair.

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