Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Apple Announces a safer Face Recognition Technology

We have seen Smartphone being opened with passwords, textures, as well as voice, but now we are soon going to see the 3D face recognition technology. Thanks to Apple and its continuous innovation that our Smartphone will be more secure than ever before.

Earlier there were so many complaints about security breach, but all these issues are going to take a back seat with this new release. The system is going to allow the users to log in and authenticate apps to secure the launches.

The company is in pace with its eye scanning features and the sensor is said to be powered by a 3D sensor. Accuracy and sensor's speed is going to be the focal point of the system. Plus, you don’t even get to worry about remembering the passwords and patterns.

The system is going to scan your face and then unlock the iPhone within a few hundred milliseconds.  The spokesperson claims that the feature is going to work fine even with the device lying flat on the table. So, you don’t have to take it all the way to your face to grab the snap.  Some say that the intent for this new technology is to replace the Touch ID fingerprint, but there are even those who decline the fact.

Apple introduced the touch phone in 2013 with the iPhone 5s, and it made locking and unlocking the phone easier.  The 5s allowed users in payment gateway authentication and security was taken to the next level says the Apple iPhone 5s parts providers.
However, Apple is not the first company to use this forms of biometric authentication. Even Samsung came up with this technology, in the form of the iris scanners, which users bring in use while unlocking the phone and making the payments. However, Samsung has reviewed its sensor badly as people could trick it with photo copies of the person’s eye.

People thought of it as a threat to security more than a feature that made their Smartphone safer. The 3D sensor, however, is being worked upon to get an idea of the mistakes that Samsung came up with. The Apple iPhone 5s replacement parts providers are hoping that there won’t be any 2D photo fraud anymore and we would be left with a secure access to your Smartphone’s. 

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