Sunday, 10 December 2017

Top 5 Smartphone that are going to extinct soon

Smartphone are evolving day by day, but they are leaving behind many features that we loved once. All these years, we have seen many applications and features battling for existence.  While some of them were able to leave their mark behind, there are others which couldn’t even last for a year.  Here we are going to talk about those features that ruled our lives for quite a long time and we wish to see them again for sure.

According to the Apple iPhone 5c parts providers, these are the features that are either degrading or have vanished:

The keyboards

A few years back when touch screen was not that prevalent, it was the physical keyboard that did all the work. No matter it was time taking, it was still one of the best things that our phones had in the old days. At that time Palm Pre, Blackberries, and T-Mobile Sidekick line dominated the cell phone market and no wonder those were the best phones we had at that time. It is not that the keyboards vanished instantly; instead, it took a great deal of time to get used to the touch screens.


Track pads were very interesting in the time when Smartphone didn’t have a touch screen. At that time, it was our prime source of navigation, plus, it was fast and accurate. Many of the Blackberries and T-Mobile devices of that time featured this navigation legacy. But, when the touch screen came into existence, its functioning became quite different or says peculiar. Using our fingers became a better and faster way to do things and within no time, the track pad took a backseat.

Front-facing speakers

When you remember the front facing speakers, the first name that comes to our mind is the HTC.  It was HTC only that first came with the idea of front facing speakers. They used this feature till the front facing camera came in existence. We didn’t see these speakers after HTC 10. However, some of the major Smartphone companies like LG, Samsung, and Apple never opted for the front facing speakers.  Had they done it, the Smartphone would have been a popular one.

Removable batteries

We won't say those removable batteries have vanished from here, but it might soon go away.  IPhone and some of the Samsung phones have already stopped brining phones with removable batteries. According to the iPhone5c parts online providers, this feature is soon going to extinct. 

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