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Monday, 12 February 2018


6 iPhone X features that you must know

Although it has been some time since Apple released its flagship iPhone x, users are still unaware of some of the best features it showcases. It might not be a big change from what existed before, but there is a definite increase in efficiency. Here, we explain to you 10 such features, which holds the ability to improve your smartphone handling.

The pushdown button for Siri
Siri has been an old product of Apple, but what’s new with iPhone X is you can activate it instantly. Just push down the side button on the right-hand side and there you go with your favorite Siri.

Open Apple Play with a click
Double click the side button on the right side of the device and it will take you to Apple Play. It is a considerably good feature for those who want to pay their monthly bills or rely more on the Apple Play Store claims the iPhone 7 replacement parts providers.

A swift return to home
It takes no less than 3 to 4 clicks to turn back to the home button, but Apple X makes it easy with iPhone X. The home indicator line will take you back to home screen and swiping the bottom edge will take you back to page one. The feature counts for those who are in the habit of handling multiple app icon pages.

Switching between apps with a swipe
When you handling multiple apps in one go, all you need is a swipe to go forth and back to your apps. Swipe right or left on the home indicator button, and there you go to your desired app says the 

Access to control center
Reaching the Control Center under the setting option is still a lengthy process for many of the smartphones. However, you get a swift access to the Control Center with iPhone X. Swipe from the right ear and it will take you to the Control Center. Apple users frequently need to enter this section to check out how much battery life is left.

Screenshot with iPhone X
Tap on the side button and the top volume button to get the clear shot of an open window. Although this swift feature is available on several other phones, still you can do a lot with this one in your iPhone x.


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