Sunday, 4 March 2018

5 smartphone features most users are unaware of

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our lives and we can’t even think about parting with our smartphones. To meet the exclusive demands of smartphone users, there have been constant updates, making their lives easier than ever before.

You must know a lot of those updates, still there are some that you might be unaware of. We are here to present you a list of features that you might not know about your smartphone:

Clone the applications
Now you can install the same app twice on the phone. Most of the newer android versions feature menu option called app cloner; it lets you duplicate any of the existing apps in a single click. This feature is useful when you are running an app under different accounts. If you have an older version of the android phone, you can find apps that support the same iPhone 5c replacement parts .

Downloading videos from YouTube
You can’t just watch YouTube videos but also download them from the official store. Google hide apps allow you to download the video on one click. If not this, you can also go for third-party apps as most of them work on the same principle. You just have to paste the link to download the video or audio easily. The video or audio will be stored in the phone’s memory.

Turn your phone into digital scale
Did you know you can turn your phone into digital scale? There are apps like Calibrate with which your app will be turned into a digital scale. You can easily measure small and light-weighted objects using this app. Avoid putting something heavy and bumpy on it, instead, you can go for measuring things like coins.

Switch to two-mode window
Most of the Smartphone nowadays are giving access to multi-window mode.  Using the feature you can work on two windows simultaneously.  For instance you can use your dictionary and word document side by side.

Safe Mode
Getting into safe mode just like laptops are also possible for smartphones these days. Bringing your phone into safe mode stops the trouble of malicious third party apps. So, if you are encountering any suspicious activity on your smartphone, better get on with the safe mode.
The next time you switch on your smartphone, forget not to use these tips says the iPhone5c replacement parts

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