Monday, 14 May 2018

5 iPhone tricks every iPhone user must know

Your smartphone comes with tons of features and there are many that you might not have known till date. It needs no mentioning that each of these features takes you a step towards better smartphone handling. So, let’s begin with some quick trick. 

     1.     Know your song

Apple music might be one of the best music stores, but it does cost a lot, forcing users to opt for other means. So if you are listening to a great music and want to know its name, just ask Siri what the song is called. Yes, you can simply activate Siri and put your query in front of her.  In the latest iPhones you can activate sir with just a side click.

     2.     Finding the lyrics

Listening to apple music you don’t have to switch to Google for finding lyrics. Instead, you can click on the three dots on the bottom corner of the screen and it will show you the complete lyrics of the song playing.

     3.     Forget Google translate

Yes, you don’t need Google translate anymore. Siri can do the job more accurately and efficiently.  Ask Siri to translate the sentence and it will pronounce it more precisely to help you catch every word. No wonder it’s a quicker and better way to know your music says the iPhone 7 repair parts providers.

     4.     Separate unknown senders

Tiered of unknown and spam messages? You can filter the senders in your iPhone contacts by going to message setting and clicking on “ Filter Unknown Senders”. This will move all the unknown messages to one separate folder say the iPhone 7 spare parts providers.

     5.     Hide your pics

Want to hide your saucy pics? iPhone can be your best friend for that. Click on the photo you want to hide and press the hide options. It not only hides your images from sneaky friends, but is good from safety point of view also.

So, whether you are planning to buy a new smartphone or sticking to your old one, these tips can make your iPhone surfing better and quicker.  While you set your hands on these tips, we will be back with some more tips and tricks.

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