Sunday, 20 August 2017

5 ways to improve android phone memory

There is nothing more annoying than a phone that keeps hanging and disrupting your work. One of the main reasons behind the hanging of your phone is less memory. Did you know that a major percentage of your phone memory is occupied by cached data, recently viewed items, and browsing history? Clearing these unwanted data will bring to you at least 10% more memory. So, without wasting time here, we have five major ways to improve the Android phone memory.

Delete the unwanted apps and files

Many times we install apps for one time purpose, and then, they are left without any use and consume your phone memory as well as data. On an average, we waste 20% of our phone memory and to get rid of this habit you need to check your phone for all those unused apps. Visit the Setting section and from there manage the phone memory.

Know your device

First of all you need to understand the basics of your Smartphone. It is important for you to understand the drawbacks and capabilities of your phone and then only you can think of utilizing it for the maximum benefits. The best advice by the OnePlus spare parts providers will be to not go for resource-hungry apps.

External memory card

Use an external memory card if nothing seems feasible to you.  You can use the micro USD for placing all your file data including documents, music, and photos. The apps will remain on the internal memory, and you can save the rest of the files on the external memory.

Disable the app

There are certain apps you won’t like to uninstall, for such apps android offers the feature of disabling the apps. Disabling the app keeps the files and removes app. However, uninstalling removes everything that belongs to the app. You would like to use the disabling feature with apps related to camera as you might not want to lose the photos you edited in hours.

Use high-speed memory card

Phones with low internal memory can boost their memory function using high-speed memory cards. It not just adds to the capacity of the phone, but also boosts the storage space. You can get storage space between 2GB to 32GB using these storage spaces. These memory cards come with read and write operations too. 

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