Thursday, 12 October 2017

Got your Smartphone wet? Here is what you can do.

Smartphone manufacturers are working hard to meet the expectations of customers, but still, there is a long way to go until some of the major issues are resolved. One of the biggest problem people face is the water resistant capacity. Even when some of the companies claim the Smartphone to be completely water resistant, there still is no guarantee how much water will your Smartphone survive and for how long. In case, your Smartphone got wet accidentally, here is what you need to do:

Power it down

Just the moment you figure out that the water has entered the Smartphone, switch it off. If the gadget comes with removable batteries, flip it away as quickly as possible. However, these days very few phones give a provision of removable batteries, so you will have to stick to the power button. By any chance, if you are not able to switch it off immediately, there can be a chance of total damage to the phone.

Dry the outside

A blower will be good enough to wipe the outer side of the device; it will help you to get rid of all the extra water. Start wiping the Smartphone with a towel or a tissue and follow it with a mild drying speed. If the water has entered inside, you can use a silica gel. There is other moisture absorbing substance too that can be easily found inside your home like a pouch of water. You can also try the dehumidifying crystals by putting them in a sealed bag along with the Smartphone.

Wait for 48 hours

Wait for some hours to see if the water inside has gone dry. Still, if there are issues with the phone,
we would recommend you to visit the nearby iPhone 7 plus spare parts providers or any technicians. 
iPhone 7 plus replacement parts technicians can quickly take care of your problem, and you won't even have to fear about any further damage.

In the end, we would say precaution is better than cure. Keep your Smartphone at a safe distance from water, and you won't have to go for any special treatment.

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